Starting The Process Of Letting Go

Today we’re going to recap a few of the points I’ve shared in the past few post and get serious about starting this process of letting go. So far we’ve talked about the importance of facing and acknowledging the pain and anger you’re feeling. Then, knowing that you don’t have room for either in your life anymore, you make the conscious decision to let it go. It’s for your own peace of mind, and will create more room for joy and happiness in your life.

You know by now that this will be a process that may take some time. You’re teaching yourself a whole new habit of thought. It will require you to remind yourself on a regular basis that this is how things are working now. As human beings we’re bad about falling into old behavior patterns. It takes time and commitment to craft new ones and make them stick. That’s going to be your job going forward and that’s why we’re taking such a long time (30 days to be exact) to focus on this process of letting go. I am giving you a plan, a blueprint, and plenty of actionable tips along the way. But you and you alone have to decide how to put them into action and stay on this journey of letting go.

You know yourself and you know what motivates you. What can you do to help you stick it out and remember to let go every single day? Some options I’ve mentioned already are daily affirmations, meditation & prayer, and keeping a journal. You may also want to try talking to a religious leader or therapist, or reading books on the topic.

It’s important to realize that you’re not alone on this journey. Your loved ones want you to feel better and increase your happiness. Talk to them about this challenge and what you’re doing. I’m sure they will gladly become an integral part of your support system. And don’t forget about the community we’re building right here as part of the challenge. Use our Facebook group as a tool. Check in daily to remind yourself to continue to work on letting go. Share your struggles and your successes. We are a friendly bunch and always happy to cheer you on and help you along in any way we can.


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