Letting Go Is A Decision

Over the course of this post and the next, which I’ll publish tomorrow, we’re going to take a look at letting go. We’re going to examine how it’s both a decision and a process. In today’s post we’ll focus on the fact that first letting go is a decision that must be made.

First, let’s talk about what letting go isn’t. It’s not an emotion. You don’t all of a sudden have a feeling that you want to let go. Instead, it’s a conscious decision you make. Letting Go is a decision you make with your rational mind. You decide to overcome your feelings of anger and disappointment.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. The decision to let go is just the first step in a longer process that we’ll talk about in more detail in tomorrow’s post. For now I want you to realize that it is important that you get to a point where you can make this decision. It’s the all-important first step towards forgiving those around you. Without making the decision to let go, nothing is going to change and the process of healing can’t start.

It’s important that you realize that this has to be a firm decision you’re making. It’s easy to say you’ve “let it go” without really meaning it. Sometimes we say it because we think that’s what’s expected of us. Sometimes we say it because we think it’s the easy way out of an uncomfortable situation. But if we say it, either to ourselves or others, without really meaning it, nothing will change.

For real change to happen and for the process of letting go to truly start, you have to mean it. The motive behind your decision to let go is also very important. You have to choose letting go for the right reasons. While letting go isn’t an emotion, you have to feel it in your heart. Once you choose to let go, and you embrace it, you can start to heal. You can learn to let go of the wrongs done to you and the pain others have caused you. You may have to remind yourself for a while of this decision you’ve made. That doesn’t mean you weren’t committed to the decision, it just means you’re retraining yourself to react differently to pain and it may take a while for it to become more natural.

Are you ready to make the decision to let go? Great! You’ll be so glad that you’ve chosen this road. Be sure to come back tomorrow, we’re going to jump in to learning about the process of letting go.


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