Letting Go Can Be A Daily Choice

How is your own journey to letting go coming along? I hope you’re finding my daily musings on the topic here on the blog helpful. I also hope that you’re making progress. Embracing letting go isn’t always easy. It’s not something that comes natural to us and it takes a while to silence the feelings of anger and resentment. We talked about how this is a process that takes time and that we have to work to form those new emotional habits.

As with all new habits, we have to actively make a choice on a daily basis. Letting go is no different. You have to practice daily to make it stick. That may sound hard or like a lot of work, but it isn’t as difficult or tedious as it sounds. You simply have to remind yourself once a day – preferably early in the day – that you’re choosing and embracing letting go.

I find motivational and inspirational quotes about letting go helpful. I copied a few of my favorites onto index cards and keep them on my desk and on my bathroom mirror. This way I’m reminded to make the choice to embrace letting go every single morning.

Coming up with a personal mantra or affirmation can be another great tool. By getting in the habit of reciting it every morning, or even several times throughout the day, you can’t help but stay on track.

Keeping a journal is another great daily exercise that will help you continue your journey of letting go. Knowing that you will be writing about your thoughts and experiences later on in the day will keep letting go front and center on your mind. Of course, journaling first thing in the morning is another great option and a good way to focus your mind on this important endeavor.

No matter what tool, technique, or gimmick you use, make it a point to remind yourself to work on letting go daily until it becomes second nature. This 30 Day Challenge is of course another helpful tool. With daily email reminders (provided you signed up for the challenge. If not, it’s not too late.) blog posts, and the lively discussion in our Facebook group, letting go will never be far from your thoughts. A short little reminder is often all it takes to continue to make the daily choice to let go and build a brighter future.


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