Don’t Go To Sleep Angry

My mother told me that the secret to a happy marriage was to never go to bed angry. In other words, don’t get into a fight or an argument and then go to sleep seething with all that anger. It is good advice and it’s just as helpful when it comes to successful relationships and letting go.

The basic idea is that you shouldn’t go to sleep while you’re still angry or upset about something that’s happened in the past. Instead, open your heart and let go. Not only will you sleep much better, your subconscious will be dialed into letting go and help you strengthen your resolve and your new habit to let go.

Before you go to bed, or while you’re lying there, waiting to go to sleep, think about your day and explore how you feel. If you find yourself angry, or even annoyed about something, do what you can to make your peace with it. Think about the positive aspects of what’s happened, or maybe even acknowledge that what you’re angry about wasn’t so earth-shattering or important as you initially thought. Do what you can to make your peace with it and find your joy and happiness before you go to sleep.

If you’re having a hard time letting go, try writing a letter about it. Address it to the person you’re angry with and pour out your heart. You don’t have to actually send it or share it. The simple act of putting it all down on paper is often enough to lighten your burden. It will also help you let go of your anger and make your peace.

In yesterday’s post we talked about meditation and prayer. Both can be very helpful in processing anger and letting go of it. Pray on what happened, meditate on it, and with a little practice and goodwill, I’m sure you’ll be able to let it go and find your rest.

As an added bonus, you’ll sleep much better without all those negative thoughts floating in your head. You’ll be more relaxed and as a result, able to sleep more soundly. That, in turn, sets you up for a much better day upon waking. Give it a try. See for yourself if you don’t become a much happier and more pleasant person when you start to refuse to go to sleep angry.


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