Claire’s Story

Why did I take the steps to become a certified life coach?

The coaching relationship creates a unique partnership that enables people to better manage their lives, create greater fulfillment, and identify and live their dreams. Given my life’s experiences, it seems natural for me to work with parents to build the relationships they want with their children. Coaching parents is often about inspiration and reassurance to follow their natural instincts. Often parents are unsure of how to improve their relationship with their child. Through coaching, we discover opportunities that may bring about positive solutions and successful parenting techniques that will pave the way for a very rewarding relationship.

Empowered Life

Claire Kershenbaum

I was an empowered woman long before I became a certified life coach. That may sound funny to you, so let me explain. Throughout my life, I had certain perspectives, beliefs, and values that guided me. I seem to have always had a positive outlook on life. I was and am able to continue with this perspective because of my belief that there is a reason for things that happen…Sometimes we are fortunate to see those reasons and other times reasons are unclear. We can spend a lot of time trying to understand and search for an answer when sometimes there simply isn’t one to be found. We can also choose to have faith and move on.

My mother, who had been in and out of hospitals for 2 years, passed away when I was 16 years old. I was a high school teenager. I remember crying and feeling enormous pain in my heart. I found my way by just believing that I would be watched from above. That she would see all that I do and help me with all my decisions from a better place. There were no therapists or social workers readily available to me. I remember very vividly the day I returned to school feeling that I was now different than all my other friends and classmates. I was motherless.

My next greatest challenge came when my husband and I were told we would not be able to have children. This news could’ve been devastating. Once again, I had faith and did not accept this as truth. There had to be another way. I believed in the journey. I began to explore holistic medicine. We met with several other doctors and still the answer was the same. We shared our story with family members and close friends. Not long after, someone was reading the New York Times Science section and came across an article that seemed like an answer to our issue. There is no need to go through all the details so let me just tell you, in the end, we have three beautiful children that we can call our very own.

Staying Positive In Constant Change

What I find interesting about these events in my life is the connection to motherhood. Throughout my life’s journey, there was always a positive spin on the events that would lead me to the next chapter. Now, with my children all in their teens, I asked myself, what’s next? I was able to capture a mother-daughter relationship that I never fully had with my own mother because of her absence in my very formative years. I am blessed with two daughters and a son. My greatest joy so far has been the mother I chose to be. I realize I had no set rules about what a mother was “supposed” to be, I had no comparisons. I just showed up. And I let my children each show up. My appreciation of the parent and child relationship is constantly growing. As I watch my children grow, I grow and I am keenly aware that life is always changing. When we understand that the only constancy in life is change, there is no longer the need to control. We are then free to allow life to flow and to live consciously.